Third Party Special Inspections – Penetration Firestops and Fire-Resistant Joint Systems

  • Affects all applicable projects submitted under 2018 North Carolina State Building Code.

    – Exceptions as defined by Mecklenburg County: NCEBC Alteration Levels 1 and 2

  • Major impact on upfront anticipated project cost and typical schedule. However, has potential to save fortunes if implemented correctly. How?

    – Prevent Schedule Delays & Reduce Change Orders

    – Mitigate liability for the building owner, the RDPIRC, the general contractor and all involved trades.

  • Requirements to provide this Special Inspection Service:

    – Mecklenburg County Approved Designated Special Inspector (DSI) is a Registered Design Professional (PE or Architect) employed by a Special Inspection Firm (SIF) contracted by the Owner who is experienced with firestop systems and qualified to manage the required Special Inspections.

  • Granular Process: ASTM E2174-18 & ASTM E2393 Standards

    – Conflict of Interest – Inspector shall be completely independent of and divested from the installing contractor, general contractor, manufacturer or supplier of any material being inspected.

    – Plan Review, Specifications, UL System Submittals

    – Penetration Count – 2% Destructive Inspection of Each Type

    – Fire Resistive Joint Systems and Perimeter Fire Barriers – One sampling / 500 linear feet of each joint type

    – Photo documentation, multiple phase detailed reports, notarized documents stating compliance.