Fire and Life Safety Engineering

For over thirty years we have specialized in fire sprinkler and suppression systems design.

Fire sprinkler systems and other protection systems are designed through a process that consists of understanding the sprinkler system, the fire or hazard threat, identifying the vulnerabilities of life, property or commercial operations, and developing a strong defense that is reasonable and cost effective.

Fire, suppression, and protection systems design and layout takes experience, a strong knowledge base and extensive training.

GAR utilizes professional engineers, architects, technicians, insurance personnel, fire chiefs and equipment suppliers to provide our clients with total package fire and hazard protection.

To offer added value to our fire protection services, our qualified life safety experts can provide you with a written review and assessment dealing with the adequacy of life safety features relative to fire, crowd behavior, alarm notification, storage and other related safety considerations.

The goal of our life safety evaluations is to provide an environment that is reasonably safe from fire, smoke, fumes and similar emergencies. As a member of The Life Safety, Team we save you time by pairing our services with companies featuring Life Safety Compliance, Fire Safety Training, Special Hazards Analysis and Fire Stop Technology.

We engineer to keep life and property safe.

Typical Fire Safety Projects:

  • Fire Sprinkler and suppression system design and analysis
  • Fire and security alarm and detection system design and planning
  • Egress analysis, including evacuation planning
  • HVAC control planning and analysis
  • Fire load/flammability analysis
  • Fire resistance design
  • Smoke management systems
  • Environmental control planning and analysis
  • Design document review services
  • Facility review and assessment
  • Site Water Requirements
  • Fire Flow Analysis
  • Determining what happened after a “Failure”
  • Investigate Reports
  • Insurance Reports
  • Professional Witness
  • Site Construction Administration
  • Installation Performance Quality Assessment