About GAR Engineering

GAR provides engineering services throughout the U.S. and overseas working on projects with the military as well as other government facilities.

We maintain professional engineering registrations in several states including: North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, and Tennessee.

If seeking engineering services in another location, GAR would gladly register in that state, if our expertise is warranted. We can also consult with an engineer located in a jurisdiction that may benefit from our expertise.

Engineering services, in the protection of life and property from fire, have been the goals of GAR Engineering for over a quarter-century. Each engineering project is geared to meet our clients’ specific concerns with fire protection.

These projects can be as all-inclusive as oversight of a project’s entire fire protection program, as of conceptual development and engineering design, through the construction period including system testing, evacuation training and personnel training.

Our full range of services includes fire suppression and alarm designs, evacuation planning, environmental controls, as well as plumbing, mechanical and electrical design. Our skilled team of engineers has designed domestic and international systems for nuclear sites, high-rises, warehouses, hospitals and medical buildings, airports and hangers, churches and many industrial special hazard occupancies.


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Gregory A. Riffe
PE, Founder President
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